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Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

We've partnered with some of the most well known on-site/near-site healthcare providers in the country.

This allows us to help you get exactly the care your company needs without you taking the eye off of your work.

Our Story, Your Control

"How Can We Save on Our Benefit Costs?"

A Sponsor Turns into a Client

In 2018, a general manager for a sponsor of our sister company, America Multisport, asked this question. We had provided the company with several other ways of mitigating the overall health and wellness of their workforce, but we didn't have a specific solution for an answer.

Interestingly, that very day, another one of our sponsors mentioned many of the companies in his entire county had signed up for near-site advanced healthcare clinic system. Those companies were saving anywhere from 15% or more on their benefit costs. (Some even up to 40%!)

Over the last couple of years, including the COVID-19 pandemic, we've learned much about how these networks can help their clients. Specifically, they help their clients save money, improve employee health, reduce absenteeism, and boost quality of care.

Maximize Your ROI with Medical Risk Management

How Do Advanced Healthcare Systems Work?

Simply said, medical risk management reduces your healthcare risks by improving patient care. Here's how:

  • Data driven approach identifies potential health issues.

  • Management of these issues is accomplished through regular

    visits to the near-site clinic

  • Over time, there's an increase in the health of your workforce's health and productivity.

  • At the same time, you save money on your health plan!

Hear What Our Clients are Saying!

America Wellness Consulting has made a significant impact on our business with their extensive, professional network of wellness partners, business owners and world-class connections.


ROI Marketing & Safety

America Wellness Consulting has a focus on people and profit in what they deliver. Not only is that a win-win for clients and their employees, but it aligns with my own personal philosophy!


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We serve government agencies, academia, and private industry including blue & white collar companies.

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